Vacuum tables

ALUPOR™  offers  boltless method of fastening of blanks on machining equipment, where it attached on working table by  atmosphere pressure.

Permeable plates for vacuum tables

Model L, mm W, mm H, mm
P-500-250-10 500 250 10
P-850-450-10 850 450 10

A vacuum table is an extremely useful tool for fixing workpieces. The workpiece is held on a porous base plate by negative pressure. As clamping claws, screws or similar do not cover the workpiece or protrude into the tool travel, the entire surface can be machined. In addition, changing and aligning the workpiece is also simplified.

The vacuum table allows a simple and universal application for the thermoforming of eg plastics. Both flat and more elaborate shapes can be edited on this table. The sealing membrane is clamped without tools via a fast-clamp system for quick fastening. The usable areas are determined by the customer. 

The vacuum table is used, among other things, in the following areas of application.
• deformation
• Vehicle and aircraft industry
• Foil and leather processing
• Composite workpieces
• Coatings, veneers, gluing
• Research and Development
• bonding

The empty table consists of a perforated table that with the help of a vacuum cleaner manages to create vacuum and suck the material, so that we simply turn on the compressor or vacuum cleaner connected to the table and place the wooden board, methacrylate or the material that let's use it on the table.

In reality everything depends on what kind of work you are planning to do. It is not the same a company that is dedicated to the manufacture of furniture to a company that makes stand'o or some other sector in which they do different types of work.

However, if your jobs are more varied, in my opinion the cnc vacuum table is better. Since it is more versatile:

-You do not have to place the bars and suckers in each job.

-You do not have to worry that a suction cup is badly placed and you can bite it with the strawberry.

-It is perfect for small jobs such as corporeal letters, or labels.

However, it is against the fact that when working horizontally, it is more cumbersome, but it can be done, since there are suckers to attach to the table.

Keep in mind that the more porous the material, the less it will hold on to the table, because the air passes through the board and vacuum is lost. There are companies that sell this type of vacuum tables, fully functional and of high quality.