Sound absorption

ALUPOR™  is sound insulation material that is able to reduce the noise according to your specification. We simply select the pore sizes to absorb specified noise frequency.

Material performance

Typical spectral diagram of normal sound absorption coefficient is shown below. The most interesting thing, that we can adjust the frequency of sound absorption coefficient maximum choosing proper ALUPOR™ parameters. We has a model to predict it. Send us a request and your noise characteristics. We suit the material in accordance with your needs.

Sound insulation shields 

Model L, mm W, mm H, mm
P-500-250-10 500 250 10
P-500-250-25 500 250 25
P-500-250-50 500 250 50
P-500-250-100 500 250 100
P-850-450-10 850 450 10
P-850-450-25 850 450 25
P-850-450-50 850 450 50
P-850-450-100 850 450 100