Heat transfer

ALUPOR™ has high specific internal surface and at the same time high heat conductivity, that made the material very perspective for implementing to effective heat exchange. Those properties may ensure almost instant  heat flow.

Material performance

Property Material type (graded by main pore size range), μm
100-200 140-315 200-400 315-630
Porosity, % 55±5
Darcy permeability , m2 1.0×10-12 7.0×10-12 8.5×10-12 3.1×10-11

Heat conductivity, W/(m×K)

30 – 50

Heat capacity at vacuum, J/(kg×K)

380 – 420
Volumetric heat transfer coefficient, W/(m3×K) 107– 108

Phashe change coolers for electronics

Examples of ordinary construction enhancement 

Heat pipes/Wick structures  

Standard heat pipes contain liquid and its gas phase. The liquid vaporizes and goes to condenser. After cooling in condenser liquid goes back for evaporation.

Porous aluminium ALUPOR™ possess capillary action.

Porous structure can lift the liquids up. We believe it can be used as wick structure in heat pipes, similar to sintered metals, screens or grooved wicks.

The results of some experiments are shown in videos placed below.