The technology was developed by Composite materials ltd. The company was founded in 1989 with the participation of Ural Polytechnic Institute.


We continue R&D in field of porous metals and apply the replication casting technology in commercial manufacture of new products based on this technology.


Today our company is the leading manufacturer of porous aluminium by replication casting.


There were only 27 companies who used porous cast aluminum in 2000. Now we produce around 550 sizes for more than 400 customers in 12 countries.

Important steps

1991 – 1993, production of first porous cast aluminium as panels for noise insulation.


1995, cylindrical filters made of porous aluminum replaced the ceramic ones in industrial compressed air purification plants.

2003, aluminium silencers for pneumatics and silencer- plates replaced copper brass silencers

2006, porous aluminum replaced the wire mesh filters in KAMAZ trucks brake systems.

2009, Ingersoll Rand air motors was equipped with ALUPORtm mufflers instead of old-fashioned silencers with felt.


2011, foundation of Exxentis AG, the distributor of porous aluminum in EU countries.


2012, production of pneumatic silencers for FESTO and Camozzi.


2015, registration of ALUPORtm trademark