We offer the alternative to metal foams and sintered metals

Porous cast aluminium is the effective material for filtering, noise reduction, aerators, dispersers, heat exchangers, protection cases, flame-arresters, diffusers, décor and more.

There is a variety of porous materials with open and closed porosity. ALUPOR™ is fundamentally different from well-known metal foams and sintered metals.

This is porous cast aluminium with volumetric porosity up to 70%.


The original ALUPOR™ technology involves impregnation of salt granules bed with liquid aluminium. Porous structure is formed as a result of salt dissolution from aluminium matrix.

ALUPOR™ available in almost any shape and size and with solid-metal mounting part.

You can choose the pore size and porosity in a wide range. ALUPOR™ has excellent permeability so you can use it as a filter or silencer and in 14 other valuable applications.


Now more than 400 companies use porous aluminium ALUPOR™ to solve their tasks.


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Porous aluminium serves as the efficient substitute of sintered metals, aluminium foams and metal sponges. It is 100% open porous material and suitable for replacement of sintered metal filters with filtration degree from 5 to 200 microns.

Alupor can be applied for hot gas filters with temperatures up to 250-300 C degree.

It works as perfect pneumatic silencer or exhaust muffler. We can offer the analogues of Camozzi silencers and some types of FESTO silencers, especially for high pressure applications (up to 40 bars). Also it shows good characteristics as air motor silencer and small engine muffler.

More than 15 our customers use Alupor™ for sensor protection.

Our brandnew, but the most promising application is air permeable molds for thermoforming, especially for EPS molds (expandable polystyrene).

There are numerous applications of ALUPOR™ as aerators for fish farms and technical gas spargers.

Many companies use ALUPOR™ to make pneumatic transport systems.

Our special hopes are related with such applications as heat exchangers, vacuum tables, energy absorption and impact dampers.

We can do any form and size 

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New technologies are already being patented to produce an unsinkable material from aluminium alloy. One living example is the porous aluminium --- Porous aluminum can be created by replication of casting that varies depending on metal foams.


What is metal foams?


Metal foam is a cellular structure that is made of solid metal: Metal foams, along with its gas-filled holes or pores(usually round and isolate from each other) are consisting a very huge part of its whole volume: The interconnection and sealing of these holes are also possible. For so long, numerous scientists and engineers had battled all odds for the purpose of producing porous metals and metal foams: Material engineers and scientists had long been trying and attempting to emulate this porous material in the most natural way possible. One example of these are: Corals. 


The pores from these metal foams can either be open(open-cell foam) or it can be sealed(close-cell foam), the close-cell foam is named to as metal foams, meanwhile the open-cell foam is referred as the porous material --- This is where the product Porous Aluminium kicks in, because one of the commonly used material in making metal foams is aluminium. There are any other types of metals that can also possibly be used to produce metal foams, but Aluminium is the most common. Other metal that can be used is: Titanium.


The effect of porosity is yielded by the addition of the foaming gas into the liquid metal. When the aluminium materials are melted or dissolved, the porous aluminium or any porous materials can be instrumented to intensify the stiffness of the structure, as well as increasing its heat insulating properties.


The higher the porosity properties of a Porous Aluminium, the more it can be used to decrease the structural element’s density --- This decrease in density is the one responsible for the Porous Aluminium’s unsinkable property. 

One company that creates quality and solid Porous Aluminium is the ALUPOR. Porous Aluminium is one of the metal foam’s kind.


ALUPOR can produce and manufacture Porous Aluminium in a very wide range of forms depending on the client’s request. ALUPOR does not only offer its Porous Aluminium, but the company also boasts other effective and solid similarity from its other Aluminium Foams --- Sintered bronze, steel, Porous Ceramic, and of course, the Porous Aluminium. This type of materials is categorized under the open-cell foam --- A permeable material that brags its porosity of 50-70%, long-lasting with a numerous range of forms. The density of the foam can be modified with a wide range or types.


The technology development and production of porous aluminium goes with participation of the group of inspired professionals and experts in metallurgy and foundry.