Décor and design

ALUPOR™  has unique surface and texture that makes it attractive for interior design and architectutal solutions. You can use its rigid and translucent structure to implement the most complex design projects.

Material performance


ALUPOR™  is interesting as a novel material for design applications. The material is translucent in layers up to 10 mm, any complex 3D shape can be achieved by CNC treatment. Additionally we can shape it by rolling, stamping or bending. You can select the pore size, make the fraction of pores wide or narrow.


Maximum sheet size 850x650 mm available right now.  The increase in sheet sizes up to 1200x1200 mm is expected in 2018.

We will be glad to cooperate with designers and architectures who create unique facades or interiors.

  • Approximate weight of 1 sq. meter of ALUPOR™ (10 mm thickness) - 12.5 kg
  • Pores are from 0.1 till 5 mm.
  • shot blasting or sand blasting of surface is available

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Interior design projects

Lighting projects