Porous cast aluminium ALUPOR™ is the unique material with open pores


Porous cast aluminium is the effective material for filtering, noise reduction, aerators, dispersers, heat exchangers, protection cases, flame-arrester, diffusers, décor and more.

There is a variety of porous materials with open and closed porosity. ALUPOR™ is fundamentally different from well-known metal foams and sintered metals.

This is porous cast aluminium with volumetric porosity up to 70%.


How we produce it?

The original ALUPOR™ technology consists in impregnation of salt granules layer with liquid aluminium. Porous structure is formed as a result of salt dissolution from aluminium matrix.

Available in almost any shape and size and with solid-metal mounting part.

You can choose the pore size and porosity in a wide range. ALUPOR™ has excellent permeability so you can use it as a filter or silencer and in 14 other valuable applications.


Today 400 companies use porous aluminium ALUPOR™ to implement their tasks.


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