What we can get from ALUPOR ™

ALUPOR™ offers a valuable combination of properties, that allows to use it in many different ways.


The main fields of application are successfully confirmed by 20 years of operating experience with such Customers as GASPROM, FESTO, KAMAZ, Ingersoll Rand.

Porous cast aluminium has substantial advantages over sintered bronze or steel, porous ceramic such as cost reduction, light weight and durability.

ALUPOR™ has successful experience in replacement of wire mesh filters, sintered filters, ceramic filters, etc.


The widest range of forms and sizes is available on сustomers demand. Currently we produce filtering elements with outer diameter from 3 mm to 360 mm and up to 1200 mm length. Filter cells can be equipped with thread or flange.

Porous aluminum is available as ready-to-use molds or as blocks allowing the Customer to produce the mold by CNC milling in a short time

ALUPOR™   is ecological, safe, low weight and incombustible material for architectural building facing, internal  design and décor.

Innovative method of parts attachment for mechanical treatment 

The silencers are used for all kind of pneumatic equipment such as hand tools, compressors, air motors, high-loaded forges and press equipment.


ALUPOR™ silencers can serve as complete analogue of such well-known brands as Festo, SMC and Camozzi. The shape and dimension of silencer can be customized individually.

Heat sinks / Evaporators 

ALUPOR™  has high heat conductivity and specific surface at the same time 

Low elasticity + high amount of plastic deformation = сonversion of impact energy to the friction heat

Strong, inflammable material with adjustable spectral characteristic of sound absorption coefficient 

Porous aluminium has numerous applications as the case for sensors/ detectors.

11 companies use ALUPOR™ to protect their gas analyzers, humidity and temperature sensors.

ALUPOR™  aerators ensures stable bubble

flow of specified size.

The material is able to offer permeability for the air form one side and impermeability for transported loose media from the other side