Sizes and forms

Here you can find the variety of ALUPOR™ forms and sizes, available for order.


In fact, almost any of your ideas  and sketches (drawings) can be implemented in porous aluminum.

You don't need to pay for preproduction or tooling fee, when you order the dimensions mentioned on that page.


Only if you need larger sizes, we will make some upgrade of our equipment and we tell you about it.

Sizes in mm Min Max
Outer diameter 3 360
Length 2 1200
Sizes in mm Min Max
Length × width 850×650
Thickness 2 200
Sizes in mm Min Max

Outer diameter, mm

3 360
Length, mm 2 >2000

ALUPOR™ technology gives you an opportunity to order the combination of porous and solid parts in one detail

Threaded attachment

Flange attachment

ALUPOR™ technology is universal. If you do not find construction you want  or you have your own design, just send us your sketches and specifications. Our specialists will help you to chose wright material parameters.


Sizes in mm Min Max

Length × width



Thickness 2 200